Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention Program (EIBI)

What is the EIBI Program?

NSHSC is a partner organization in Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness’ Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention (EIBI) program. This program focuses on developing functional social-communication skills in preschool children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) using specialized treatment methods.

The NS EIBI program provides treatment for young children (not yet in school) with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD).  The program is funded by the NS Department of Health and Wellness and is offered through the Nova Scotia Health Authority, the IWK Health Centre and the Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres (NSHSC).  Treatment is provided by a coordinated team consisting of parents, one-to-one interventionists, Clinical Interventionists and Speech-Language Pathologists from NSHSC.  The main form of treatment in the NS EIBI program is Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT; Koegel & Koegel, 2006).  The main goals of treatment are to facilitate development of the children's communication, play and other functional skills.  Treatment focuses on "pivotal" or fundamental areas (e.g. motivation) that result in widespread gains in skill development.  Depending on the needs of individual children, treatment also may incorporate the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS; Bondy & Frost, 2011) and/or Positive Behaviour Support (Lucyshyn et al., 2007).  Speech-Language services are coordinated with the EIBI team.