Communication Aids

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

What is Augmentative and/or Alternative Communication (AAC)?

Augmentative and/or Alternative Communication (AAC) is any method, device, or system used to help a child who has difficulty speaking, tell you his/her needs, wants and ideas. It may include pointing, picture boards, word/phrase boards or use of technology.

What services are available in my community?

All Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres speech-language pathologists (S-LPs) provide AAC consultations and follow-up. In some circumstances a child may benefit from a more in-depth evaluation. In that case, the local S-LP will consult an Augmentative Communication Consultation Service (ACCS) speech-language pathologist. The ACCS S-LP will assist the community S-LP in providing services. Sometimes an appointment is booked with the ACCS S-LP in Halifax.


Augmentative Communication Consultative Service (ACCS)

What is the Pediatric Augmentative Communication Consultation Service (ACCS)?

The pediatric Augmentative Communication Consultation Service (ACCS) is a joint partnership between NSHSC and the IWK Health Care Centre. ACCS provides consultative service to children and youth from birth to completion of high school across Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Service includes assessment and recommendations on ways to expand a child’s communication system. Depending on the child’s needs, the technical access occupational therapist is involved in the consultation.

How do I make a referral to the Augmentative Communication Consultation Service (ACCS)?

Referral is made by the child’s local NSHSC S-LP to the ACCS program at the IWK site. Children are first seen by one of our speech-language pathologists in their home community.