Provincial Stroke Program

How have speech-language services been enhanced through the Provincial Stroke Program?

The Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres (NSHSC) received funds to enhance acute stroke care at designated sites within the health districts. Speech-language pathologists (S-LPs) and communication disorder technicians were designated to enhance:

  • Full (interdisciplinary) initial assessment and consultation
  • Early inpatient rehabilitation
  • Opportunity to attend case conferences and provide interdisciplinary team management and training

Are there any workshops available to learn more about communication after a stroke?

The 75 minute Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres’ communication workshop entitled Improving Communication after a Stroke was designed with health care workers in mind. This workshop encourages participants to interact through questions, comments, role-plays, video review and discussions. Learning objectives for this workshop include improving understanding of:

  • Common types of communication impairments after stroke
  • Communication strategies and their rationale
  • Referral process for a speech-language consultation through Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres
Facilities that arrange to provide this workshop to their staff through NSHSC are given a Communication Toolbox. The toolbox contains communication aids (e.g., alphabet board, pain scale, various drawings, yes/no cards, markers, clipboard, etc.) for future easy use by health care professionals and visiting caregivers. Additionally, two posters designed to increase awareness are left with the host facility. The brochure Communication Strategies: Directions for Improving Communication after a Stroke containing basic information regarding the nature of related communication problems, tips for improving communication and NSHSC referral information is also made available.
Questions may be directed to your local NSHSC site.