Neuromuscular Clinic

What is the Neuromuscular Rehab Clinic?

Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres works in partnership with the Neuromuscular Rehab Clinic. The clinic runs one afternoon a week at the Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre (NSRC) of the QEII. It is designed to minimize the number of appointments for specialty services in Halifax. Regular members of the team include a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist (physiatrist), nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, dietitian, and NSHSC speech-language pathologist (S-LP). Other health professionals are available on an as needed basis. They include a neurologist, palliative care practitioner, and vocational counselor.

How do I make a referral to the Neuromuscular Rehab Clinic?

A physician referral is required. Referrals can be faxed to the attention of the booking clerk at (902) 473-3204.

When an appointment becomes available the person referred will receive a phone call from the clinic nurse who will ask a number of questions. These questions will help him/her to identify which health care providers should be in the clinic for the assessment.

What are the typical speech-language assessment procedures?

The speech-language pathologist (S-LP) will visit you in the clinic if you have identified any concerns regarding speech, language, or swallowing. The S-LP will interview you and in some cases do a full evaluation of either communication and/or swallowing. The S-LP will explain the results of the assessment and make recommendations. Information is provided in writing. The S-LP will refer you to your community S-LP if you require more help. The neuromuscular clinic S-LP is readily available to consult with your community S-LP.