What is stuttering?

Stuttering is a communication disorder that presents as a variety of visible and hidden symptoms. It involves speech behaviour (e.g., repetitions ["li-li-like this"]), feelings, beliefs, self-concepts and social interactions.

What are the typical assessment procedures?

The speech-language pathologist (S-LP) will:

  • Obtain a history of the stuttering problem and its severity
  • Observe and get samples of speech
  • Note effects on the person’s life
  • Discuss motivation and expectations of treatment

Who can be referred?

Any adult with suspected fluency challenges.

Who can refer?

Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres has an open referral policy whereby family/caregivers, doctors and related profressionals may refer an adult for fluency services. 

Click here for download the NSHSC referral form.

Who should be contacted with the referral?

Referrals and questions may be directed to your local NSHSC site.