Industrial and Community Audiology (ICA)

Our Industrial and Community Audiology Program works with industry and government to protect workers' hearing and solve noise problems. Noise is recognized as being one of the most common work hazards. In Canada, it is estimated that as many as 20 per cent of all workers will develop a permanent hearing loss due to exposure to high levels of noise. In addition to hearing loss, noise can produce physical and psychological stress. Our goal is to provide professional assistance in limiting the harmful effects of noise. We specialize in helping industry meet government noise regulations and occupational health guidelines.


Hearing Testing and Interpretation:

  • Pure tone screening audiograms, test result interpretation and reports, case history intake, full audiological diagnostic evaluation, counseling and recommendations

Database Analysis:

  • Customized analysis of all test results, including data entry of past hearing tests into our database, reports of hearing conservation program effectiveness, compensation analysis, monthly and annual reports, customized employee notices, and individual recommendations

Equipment Calibration:

  • Calibration of equipment used for hearing conservation to comply with required standards, such as ANSI, CSA, IEC, ISO, etc.

Sound Level Studies:

  • Extensive sound level measurements and analysis, and a report with specific recommendations for appropriate noise control, administrative control, or hearing protection required
  • Assistance with the selection of communication devices for noise environments

Mobile Hearing Screening:

  • We offer hearing screening at your worksite, minimizing disruptions to your production


Custom ear plugs available

Please contact us with your inquiries and your specific needs. Services are tailored and carefully planned in order to best fit your budget.


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