Sudden Hearing Loss

Sudden hearing loss is a noticeable change in hearing and usually happens in one ear. It is often accompanied by tinnitus (sounds in your head or ear), vertigo (dizziness/balance problems), or both. The amount of hearing loss may vary. Sudden hearing loss may be temporary or permanent. It occurs most frequently in the 30 to 60 year age group but can affect children as well.

If a sudden hearing loss has occurred, you should seek medical attention and have your hearing tested.

Sudden Onset Hearing Loss is treated with the highest priority within the Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres audiology department.

Who can refer?

Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres has an open referral policy whereby anyone can refer themselves or a loved one for a hearing test, or be referred by their family doctor.

Click here to download the NSHSC referral form.

How do I make a referral?

Referrals and questions may be directed to your local NSHSC site.