Hearing loss can be caused by loud sounds.

Sounds are all around you. All loud sounds can hurt your hearing (i.e., using machines at work, hunting or using a gas-powered lawn mower).  The damage can depend on how loud the sound is and how long you are around it. Even sounds that are fun to listen to can hurt your hearing (i.e., MP3 players, playing in a band and some toys or games). 

What are the warning signs that sounds are too loud?

  • You have to raise your voice to be heard
  • You can’t hear someone from two feet away
  • When people are talking, their voices sound muffled
  • You get pain or ringing in your ears
  • When using headphones, other people can hear your music

How to prevent hearing loss due to loud sounds?

  • Know how sounds can hurt your hearing
  • Try not to be around loud sounds without hearing protection
  • Try not to be close to loud sounds
  • Turn down the volume on headphones, radios and televisions
  • If you are around loud sounds often, have your hearing tested regularly
  • Teach others how important it is to protect their hearing from loud sounds

Hearing protection will protect your hearing, but still let you hear and enjoy the sounds around you

Check out Industrial and Community Audiology for more information on hearing protection.