Do you have a chronic health condition?

Free self-management programs are available to help.

Two free 6-week programs are offered throughout Annapolis Valley: 'Your Way to Wellness' and '4 the Health of It' each spring and fall. These programs provide you with information and support to assist with managing your condition and making healthy lifestyle choices.

Your Way to Wellness is a self-management program for people living with, or supporting someone with, a chronic health condition. This peer support group is led by trained community volunteers and is designed to help participants manage symptoms and gain the confidence needed to cope with on-going health conditions.

4 the Health of It is a self-management program available to people at risk of developing a chronic condition, or those who would like information on how to prevent a chronic condition from developing. This program is led by healthcare professionals that provide information and support to improve health and avoid chronic illness. See below for the '4 the Health of It' spring 2017 program schedule!

For more information on these programs or to register, please contact Kady Myers at 902-538-1315 or


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