Pastoral Care Services

Mission Statement

At times of hospitalization, a patient or family member can experience a significant crisis of meaning.  This crisis often creates questions related to purpose, identity and spirituality.  Patients and family often turn to the resources of faith or spirituality.  This process also affects the staff who work in the hospital.

The mission of Pastoral Care Services is to support patients, family and staff as they find the inner resources available to make sense out of the spiritual dilemmas created by human suffering.  Pastoral Care Services utilize the services of a Co-ordinating Chaplain, community clergy, lay volunteers and students to respond to:  the spiritual and religious needs of patients, families and staff.

Goals Of The Pastoral Care Services

  • To support the mission of the Valley Regional Hospital by the provision of holistic health care.
  • To honour the cultural and religious heritage of all persons within the hospital.
  • To co-ordinate appropriate use of the Pastoral Care Services office and the Chapel.
  • To educate health care providers about multi-faith issues.
  • To further develop and advance good administrative practices in the delivery of spiritual support.
  • To evaluate the spiritual care provided to patients, family and staff.
  • To assist in the provision of patients' rights.

What is Pastoral Care?

Spiritual / Pastoral care is attention given to that aspect of ourselves that brings unity to the whole person.  When we enter a hospital, we can have many feelings.  Some may be anticipations and hope; others may be worry, fear, anxiety, frustration, guilt and helplessness.  We can experience uncertainties about tests, diagnoses, and treatments.  These can make us feel fragmented and cut off from a Higher Power, others and ourselves.  Spiritual / Pastoral care aids in integrating these experiences and helping us connect with and find resources to meet our situation.

Who gives Spiritual / Pastoral care?

Every person has opportunities to give and receive spiritual / pastoral care.  Chaplains, clergy and lay pastoral visitors are persons who have training in this area.

How is Spiritual / Pastoral care received?

The process begins with you.  On admission, please make your spiritual concerns or desires known to the nurse who does your assessment.

There is a Coordinating Chaplain on staff at the Valley Regional Hospital. As well, there are clergy representing many denominations and faiths. If you would like a visit from the chaplain and/or clergy, please inform your nurse.

Where to find us

At the Valley Regional Hospital (in Kentville, NS), an inter-faith chapel is located on Level 2. It is open 24 hours a day for use by patients, families, staff, volunteeers and visitors. Most Wednesdays there are Chapel Services from 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm, led by the chaplain or area clergy and musicians. Volunteers are available to help as needed.

150 Exhibition Street
Kentville, Nova Scotia
Canada, B4N 5E3
(902) 678-7381