Medical Staff Privileges

The medical staff privileges application and credentialing process is coordinated through the VP Medicine office. You can obtain an application and standard reference letter online, print and forward it to the VP Medicine by mail.

Upon receipt of a completed application and appropriate documentation, the District Department/Division Head will review the application in terms of programs, resources and district physician resource plan.  The VP Medicine forwards the application and recommendations of the Dept/Division Head to the District Credentials Committee.

The District Credentials Committee meet monthly and review all pending applications and submits its written recommendation to the District MAC.

The District MAC meet on a monthly basis and reviews the District Credentials Committee's recommendation and any other submissions and pertinent information regarding the application(s).  The District MAC submits its written recommendation to the Privileges Review Committee to make a report and recommendation to the Board.

The Board considers the Privileges Review Committee's report and recommendations and makes the final decision.  The VP Medicine advises the applicants of its decision.


Questions regarding NS registration & licensure, go to:


New Applicant Form305.31 KB
Reapplication Form85.5 KB
Reference Letter36 KB
Disciplinary Bylaws301.35 KB
Medical Staff Bylaws110.49 KB