Employment Opportunities

Position Location Closes
Audioloigst (A0220) Sydney Mines Download PDF
Administrative Support Professionals
Position Location Closes
Administrative Support Professional (FO0120) Amherst 10 Mar, 2020 Download PDF
Communication Disorders Technicians
Position Location Closes
Communication Disorders Technician (T0520) Truro Download PDF
Speech-Language Pathologists
Position Location Closes
Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP0820) Windsor 1 Jun, 2020 Download PDF
Position Location Closes
General Office Clerk (FO0220) Halifax 24 Mar, 2020 Download PDF


Hearing and Speech Nova Scotia (HSNS) provides audiology services to Nova Scotians of all ages, and speech-language pathology services to preschool children and adults. HSNS is funded by the NS Government to deliver integrated and standardized provincial services across 34 clinical sites, located in 24 communities. Nationally certified Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists, with support from Communication Disorder Technicians and Administrative Support Professionals, provide core services (prevention, diagnosis, and treatment), develop and monitor provincial clinical standards, and collaborate with partners to deliver a number of special programs (e.g., Autism, Stroke, Cochlear Implant). Established in 1963, HSNSworks to prevent and reduce the impact of communication disorders for Nova Scotians.

HSNS is fully accredited with consistent standards of clinical practice throughout the province. Our services are well established and integrated within communities. We offer a strong professional network across the province that supports active staff leadership in strategic planning and clinical program development. Competitive salaries and opportunities for professional development and caseload specialization make HSNS a vibrant and rewarding workplace.